Puppet Mammy

Visual Kei
Início: 2003
Status: Inativa [2005]
Vo: Makoto [gray][ex. → Ghost BEAR → PuppetMammy → 個人/状況不明][/gray]
Gu: Eruto [gray][ex. → PuppetMammy → 個人/状況不明][/gray]
Gu: Kanna [gray][ex. → deathgaze→ PuppetMammy → Holic → 引退][/gray]
Ba: Jyuki [gray][ex. → Ghost BEAR → PuppetMammy → 個人/状況不明][/gray]
Dr: Eve [gray][ex. → ワルキューレ! → PuppetMammy → Holic → Lycaon][/gray]

Ex Members:
Vo: Daina
Gu: Kirua

Puppet Mammy is a young indie group that has unfortunately already disbanded. The majority of their songs are very noticeably influenced by metal, although at times they have an upbeat rock sound with the usual Visual Kei flare.

[b](2004.12.00) (maxi single) Mr. Freaks Show[/b]
01. The Mr.Freaks Show
02. Otogi hitoyo 御伽一夜

[b](2005.06.22) (mini album) Shinjou Shikisai Shuu[/b]
01. Shiren Theory 紫恋セオリー
02. Pink Berry
03. Kuro to shiro 黒と白
04. Aki no yakusoku 藍の約束